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Below, not only you will find information regarding the package we offer but you will also find out how we work. Additionally, you will understand how it’s possible for us to offer low prices for our websites

  1. The websites are based on our product (NMG Easy Site). You’ll have the ability to edit text on your website, add extra pages, create multilanguage pages , and what's most important the website could be easily upgraded to more advanced solutions. When you buy the package you will get a license good for one domain without any additional charges.

  2. Websites are based on templates.  Any chosen template will have the following information changed: text, pictures, logo and header. 

  3. Down payment is required before any work is started. After you request quote, we will send you e-mail with estimated cost of your new website. Once the website is completed the remaining amount must be paid in three business days. Payments are received via PayPal (PayPal is and easy and secure online payment service). 

  4. Estimated cost includes:
  • One license for NMG Easy Site. This gives you ability to edit texts on your pages, add additional pages, and create multilanguage pages.

  • Header  change

  • Update/add company’s logo – you are responsible for sending us your logo

  • Creating up to 5 pages, for example: Home, About Us, Services, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contact. Each of these pages can hold up to five pictures. Please note that you are responsible for sending us both pictures and text. When pictures are not submitted in timely manner we will add pictures that somewhat represent your service. Additional pages may be added by a client (you must log in as administrator) or us for an extra charge of $30 per page

  • Contact page – one of the five pages that are created by us. Instead of Contact page you may opt for a different page where you can for example add pictures and text.

  • Adding your website to search engines. Once the entire website is completed and a payment in full is received your new website will be added to approximately 100 search engine and catalogs.

  • Server upload and setup (free ONLY when you choose hosting offered by New Media Group, Inc)

  • Email accounts setup (up to three accounts). You also have ability to add additional email accounts by yourself; just log in as administrator.

  • Statistics setup powered by Google Analytics (all reports are emailed to your email address)

    Your website will be ready in three (3) to five (5) business days. As soon as a down payment is made and all the texts and pictures are received we will start working on creating your website. Once the website is created and final payment made you will receive your own copy.
    Websites are hosted on New Media Group, Inc servers. Our clients do not have ability to log in to the server. However, you may request for your website to be hosted by a different hosting company. Requirements: Windows server with .NET 3.5, medium trust and SQL Server 2008.
    Domain registration. New Media Group, Inc can register domain in your name or you may register it on your own. When domain is registered by you, you must provide us with ability to log in to your account where the domain was bought or you’ll have to change A record and MX record. 
    How can we offer websites for so little?

  • Websites are based on our product

  • We use templetes

  • No middlemen – you are in contact with the developer

  • Close to 100% of our clients chose our hostings what gives us fixed income

  • We hope you’ll be so satisfied with our services you’ll recommend us to your friends

 If you have any additional questions, please go to  the Contact form